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Ardent's first visit to the town.

The town, as Ardent first encounters it in Comic 11.

The town, name unknown, is a small town that exists within the habitat [1] [2]. Alice lives nearby, and the town is apparently under her protection. It was also the destination of both Ardent and Gavia when they traveled to the habitat. Alice's cottage is nearby (at least close enough that she can carry an unconscious Gavia there on her shoulder). Both Jack's Uncle's farm and the wind turbine seen in Comic 2 are also presumed to be relatively nearby.

The general aesthetic of the town appears reminiscent of mid-19th Century Europe or the Eastern United States. This matches well with the general clothing styles of the residents and the apparent levels of technology.

The town is large enough to merit the existence of a hospital or clinic. However, to date, there has been no sign of anything similar to a law enforcement service or a fire department.

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