The archeophiles' mine is a location where Emily and other "diggers" are uncovering the remains of the world before The Blink.



The mine is located several weeks drive by bird drawn cart from Sedna's home. It is in a flat, low lying region that was formerly a large fresh lake, but is now a semi-desert or prairie.


It is an open cast mine, exposed to the sky, but almost invisible until you get near. Inside there are series of terraces. The uppermost layer has five or six houses, several tents, and a line of outhouses. There are wooden cranes to lift from the lower terraces, which can be reached by ladders and a slope.

The lower terraces have spoil heaps, several more houses and a pen for the animals. There is another crane, driven by a windlass. In the centre there is the opening for a shaft that apparently drops vertically for some way (to judge from the amount of rope wound on the crane). A large object that appears to be a dismantled and non-functioning robot lies in pieces to one side. The robot is much larger than a human. Similar in size to a house, or about 8 humans (about 15m) tall.

Above the mine is an open-top water storage tower. (something that would have been unusual in a permanently dry climate.

The general style is "wild west", in comparison with the "Victorian" appearance of The town

Speculation — The following material is not confirmed.

Are they still in lake bed? The lake was large. Could it have been one of the great lakes? However they also seem to have found a rocket bunker, which are mostly in the the mid-west, such as Minot AFB in North Dakota.

Speculation Ends


At least 5 people are resident, probably more. Ellie appears to be a leader

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