These guidelines are heavily based on the style guide from the Questionable Content Wiki. Credit should be attributed there.

Key advice for new contributors

  • Be welcome and have fun!
  • Bear Wikipedia rules in mind but take a relaxed attitude toward them. For example, there's no need for a neutral point of view toward the comic. And don't wait for "reliable secondary sources".
  • Let Jeph Tell The Story (LJTTS). He's better at it than we are and we should drive traffic his way rather than divert it. Avoid being over-specific, and instead make your statement a little more vague and direct the reader to the relevant comic strip(s) where they can explore the matter for themselves.
  • Separate canon from non-canon. For subjects that are heavily implied or suggested, but not technically confirmed, mark it as speculation using the {{Speculation}} and {{SpeculationEnd}} templates.
  • Keep in mind that the story is continuously changing with each new strip. Don't get upset if something is mentioned in the strip this week, but isn't on the Wiki when you check. We don't have a praeses monitoring the site to keep it updated.


  • This Wiki uses English. Apart from where other languages are used within the source material (a.k.a. the Comic), all wiki page content should be in English.
  • Furthermore, this Wiki uses American English. Jeph (the author) is American. As such, the comic uses American English, and so do we.
  • If you are not sure, please ask. If in doubt, it's better to publish the edit and seek help than to not publish because of spelling concerns.
  • Please avoid inappropriate language - try to keep the wiki PG. The only exceptions would be where the language in question is from the comic itself and a direct quote is being made. However, this is subject to Let Jeph Tell The Story and direct quotes should be used sparingly - especially where the language could be construed as inappropriate.
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