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First Appearance Comic 110
Species Unknown
(appears Human)
Gender Female

Sedna is an acquaintance of Alice's. She describes herself as "not exactly like Alice", but "of similar vintage". She has travelled and made contacts and friends with lots of people far from Alice's town.


Sedna has apparently been on Earth as long as Alice has. However, unlike Alice she lives alone. She collects and repairs weaponry from before The Blink. Like Alice she is aware of the Praeses, and of the people living in orbit

When Alice and the siblings (Ardent and Gavia) first approach her, she is hostile towards them, attacking Alice with a range of guns. She seems to have had some kind of fight with Alice going back over at least 300 years.

In Comic 186, Sedna confirms that she (and Alice) were created as super-soldiers in the wars before The Blink. However, she was only a "support-class" grunt, unlike the more powerful Alice and Mr Church. Her fascination with device repair is actually an intentional "failsafe" to prevent her from going rogue.


Sedna appears to be a young adult female human, with long brown hair. During her fight with Alice her eyes are red, however they suddenly change to green when she is defeated, the same colour that they are in the first comic in which she appears.


Sedna is the name of a sea goddess in Inuit mythology that was used as the name of a dwarf planet with an exceptionally long orbit.

Knowledge and AbilitiesEdit

As Sedna has travelled much more than Alice she knows more about the current state of the the world. She knows of a group of "archeophiles" who dig for old-world relics and technology. She has a particular predilection towards guns.

Like Alice, Sedna is apparently thousands of years old and nearly indestructible. When Alice threatens to submerge her in lava and imprison her when it hardens, this implies that Sedna would not be killed by the heat of molten rock. However, her durability has limits. A sufficiently powerful force can give her painful injuries, including blood loss and possibly broken bones.

Sedna is also superhumanly strong, but perhaps not to the same degree as Alice. She badly damages a steam-powered carriage with a single punch. Alice considers Sedna a peer in terms of capacity to be "bad news".

Sedna says that she is a fast healer, and is able to photosynthesize if necessary. Her uses of biological terms (instead of technological ones like "self-repair" or "solar power") imply that she is a living creature, or at least trying to imitate one.


She describes herself as being "extremely nice".

Family & RelationshipsEdit

The siblings speculate that Alice and Sedna must either be related, or a couple.

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