Nanotech is a form of nano-technology. Its precise capabilities and limitations are unknown, however it is at least capable of projecting energy (for combat and other uses) and physically manipulating objects.

So far, three entities in the comic are known to use nanotech:

  1. Gavia, who considers nanotech to be an expression of her humanity.
  2. The Night Walker, an amalgam of numerous tiny nanobots.
  3. Ardent, who was infused with nanotech for mysterious reasons.
Speculation — The following material is not confirmed.

Observed Usage

Light Source

Gavia illuminates the situation, Comic 44.

Gavia illuminates the situation, Comic 44.

In Comic 41 et al, Gavia is shown creating a non-corporeal light source at will. The light manifests as a ball of pure light suspended between her hands.


A nanotech shield, as see in Comic 23.

A nanotech shield, as seen in Comic 23.

In Comic 23 et al, Gavia conjures up a shield that appears as a glowing blue disc in front of her. The shield appears to be solid, and can stop substantial attacks, such as bullets in Comic 107 et al. However, Alice possesses the strength to "shatter" the shield (or otherwise overcome it).

Combat & Weaponry

Gavia preparing for combat, as see in Comic 45.

Gavia preparing for combat, as see in Comic 45.

In Comic 21 et al, Gavia uses pyrokinesis (the ability to create fire or explosions at will) with little or no apparent effort. She has demonstrated effects ranging from carefully igniting small flammable objects up to causing explosions larger than trees.

In Comic 45, Gavia prepares for possible combat, and turns her light source into an orange glow, which may be pyrokinesis or some other offensive power.

Gavia gets protective in Comic 83.

Gavia gets protective in Comic 83.

In Comic 83, Gavia again prepares for possible combat, and fashions a pair of triangular blades in front of her hands. The blades' glowing blue color suggests they are projections similar to her shield.

Telekinesis & Levitation

In Comic 36, Gavia is shown hovering above the ground and evidently moving without having to walk. She is also manipulating a water pail without coming in physical contact with it. Both abilities are likely applications of the same aspect of nanotech.

In Comic 43, Gavia's levitation is shown to have a maximum speed slower than a running person.


In Comic 36, Gavia uses nanotech in an unspecified manner to clean an outhouse. One simple possibility is that she held the cleaning implements with telekinesis, allowing her to avoid bodily contact with the outhouse.

Mechanical Reconstruction

In Comic 77 et al, Ardent's nanotech rearranges the matter of machines (such as a water pump or a wind-up toy) into high-tech upgraded versions of themselves. It does not affect very simple tools such as a lever or a whisk. Alice suspects that the Praeses sent Ardent with this secret power to destabilize Earth's sheltered civilization.

Enhanced Biology

Nanotech appears to be capable of customizing a person's physical appearance and enhancing their body's natural processes. It is unknown whether nanotech or some other technology is involved with Ardent's physical appearance and regeneration, or with Alice and Sedna's superhuman capabilities.

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