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Mr. Church
First Appearance Comic 152
Species Unknown (appears human)
Gender Male

Mr Church seemed to be the muscle employed by Jesper Pate. He had been recognised as 'our level' by Alice, indicating that he had superhuman strength and invincibility.


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Mr. Church was exceptionally tall, towering above the other characters, with thick arms and hands. He had odd coloured eyes: light and dark blue. When he fought, his dark blue eye became dark red, and his smile was disturbing.

He had gray hair, which was partly covered by his cap.


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Knowledge and AbilitiesEdit

Mr. Church was exceptionally powerful, apparently both stronger and faster than Alice (or anyone else seen so far). He was capable of crushing Sedna's bones with bare hands despite her apparent invulnerability. Alice recognised his abilities, and wanted to run from him instead of fighting, even though Alice and Sedna would have held a numerical advantage.

Unlike Alice and Sedna, he did not sleep. He first spoke when fighting Alice, telling her "It took a... long time to break out," in reference to her burying him in molten rock.


Mr. Church usually seemed unemotional, but he appeared to take joy in murderous violence.

Family & RelationshipsEdit

He worked for Jesper Pate out of a compulsion to serve, and perhaps a preference for Pate's ruthlessness.

He murdered Ellie, and would have liked to kill Alice if given the opportunity.

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