Humans are the dominant species inside and outside the habitat. On the inside, Humans are dominant due to their superior evolutionary characteristics, allowing them to rise above other naturally evolved species and form civilization and culture. Outside the habitat, Humans have long since developed advanced technologies such as nanotech to assist them in their endeavors and improve their quality of life.

Given the disparate nature of the two civilizations, it could be argued that they should be considered separate species. Genetically, however, they are identical (prior to any genetic correction or modification by those living outside).

Augmented Humans

Those Humans living outside the habitat possess advanced nano-technology. This nanotech is capable of biological modification (possibly genetic modification), enhancement of existing physical traits and the addition of super-human abilities (such as personal flight, object levitation, healing of injuries, limb regrowth and light cleaning). They refer to un-augmented humans as "baseline humans" (Comic 53). In Comic 68, Alice derisively referred to Gavia as "spaceborne".

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