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Thermal Deer
First Appearance Comic 41
Habitat Forest

Scientific classification
not all levels shown
 Kingdom Animalia
 Class Mammalia (Mammal)
 Family Cervidae
 Species Unknown

The Deer is a life-form living in the forest in the habitat. It is part of the natural ecosystem of the forest.

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

On first sight, the Deer appears to be a fully normal member of the real-world family Cervidae. However, instead of eyes, it instead has two fleshy pits on the side of its face, a feature some observers find unnerving.

In Comic 50, Alice tells Ardent that these pits are extremely heat-sensitive and that the animal uses this thermal sense to navigate even in pitch darkness.

Alice further notes that, during mating season, male Deer are quite dangerous to travellers: they will identify anything of the appropriate body temperature as a potential mate and try to mount them.

Ecology Edit

The Deer are the natural prey of the Characidae plant. These can swallow a deer in a single gulp.

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