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Chapter 5
Start 134
End 163
Length 30 strips
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Chapter 5 of Alice Grove began with Comic 134 on May 10th 2016 and concluded on November 4th 2016 with Comic 162.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

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Gavia has been rendered unconscious by the Night Walker, and stripped of her nanotechnology. For three weeks she has been in some "kind of metabolic stasis". While she is in this coma Alice, Sedna, and Ardent resume their journey, now looking for the "Diggers". They travel on a cart, pulled by 2 large birds, with Gavia unconscious in the back. The land they are in now is barren, with dead trees and grass, in contrast to the lush forest surrounding Alice's town.

Gavia's awakes to see Ardent leaning over her. She attacks him, shouting "You took everything from me", but is too weak to sustain the attack, and collapses back to "normal" sleep.

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