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Chapter 4
Chapter 4
This can't be good (Comic 132).
Start 101
End 133
Length 33 strips
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Chapter 4 of Alice Grove began with Comic 101 on November 10th 2015 and concluded on April 22nd 2016 with Comic 133.

In Chapter 4 Alice finds her associate, and the nightwalker finds Gavia.



In chapter 3, Alice had decided that to return the siblings to their orbital space station she should find an old associate of hers, who has travelled more widely and so may have useful knowledge or contacts.

As chapter 4 begins, Alice is walking with Ardent and Gavia through the forest, that surrounds The habitat. The forest has lots of exotic animals and plants and they encounter a Batsloth, a Giant Chameleon, and during the night a Giant Potoo. Alice kills the Batsloth (which Ardent had tried to adopt), Gavia kills the Chameleon (which had tried to eat Ardent) and the Potoo scares Ardent, but doesn't wake Gavia.

As they pass through a glade, they are met with gunfire from Alice's associate. Gavia uses a nanotech shield to protect herself and Ardent. Alice seems immune from the bullets, but finding them annoying converts her clothing to armor, and a helmet covers her face. She has the appearance of a "Sentai" or "Power ranger". The helmet has the unfortunate effect of cutting off Alice's ponytail. With her armor, Alice easily defeats her associate, Sedna, who is nevertheless curious about Ardent and Gavia and decides to travel with them and help them return to space by finding a communtity of "archeophiles" or "diggers".

That night however, the Night Walker catches up with Gavia, and she is drawn from her bed up into the Night Nalker's body. Ardent is made aware of this by the appearance of a bird (a loon from the genus "Gavia") in his dream, asking him for help. He wakes Alice and Sedna (who are sleeping together) but despite Alice's attempt at rescue, Gavia is drawn into the heart of the Night walker.

The Night walker takes the form of a bird (perhaps another loon), fires an energy beam towards the moon and dissipates. As the Night walker fades away, Gavia falls and is caught by Alice.

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