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Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Ardent helps Alice with yard work in Comic 37.
Start 36
End 70
Length 35 strips
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Chapter 2 of Alice Grove began with Comic 36 on February 9th 2015 and concluded on June 11th 2015 with Comic 70, a double-size comic. It continues on from Chapter 1 after a real-world break of one week and an accompanying in-story timeskip of multiple weeks, after which Ardent and Gavia are seen to be staying with Alice and helping out with various chores.

In this Chapter, Gavia and Ardent discover some more of the Habitat's wildlife, and Alice explains about her own history, and that of the world.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

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  • Jebediah ("Jeb")
  • Shelley Wilson
  • "Clem"
  • Amos


Ardent and Gavia have been stranded in the habitat for several weeks. Neither sibling has been allowed to return to the town, and Ardent in particular is keen to go back. but Alice is worried about the potential for panic among the townsfolk, and decides not to take either of them.

Alice has set the siblings doing chores (they have had to do work before) such as chopping wood and clearing out the outhouse. Gavia continues to use nanotech to help her in her chores, but ardent refuses and they discuss with Alice why they choose to use or reject nanotechnology.

Alice finds and puts in a pot a small flower that looks like a small "Piranha Plant" from the Mario Bros series of games.

That night Gavia is still trying to contact the Prasaes. Ardent sneaks out of bed, unknowingly observed by Alice, and decides to walk through the forest to town. Gavia follows. In the forest they see strange sights: a piranha plant that is larger than a human (with skeletons of animals at its base) and a strange eyeless deer, but most alarming is a giant translucent humanoid shape, that reaches out towards the siblings. They run and hide in a cave, which the find is inhabited by two giant birds.

Gavia is about to attack when she is stopped by Alice, who had been secretly following the siblings. Alice explains the "Night Walker" is made of nanomachines that form into a giant shape each night, and if Gavia had been caught it would have absorbed her nanotech and dismantled her in the process.

Alice explains some of the sights of the night: the deer have heat sensitive pits, and the plants are really carnivorous. The birds have powerful bills and legs for digging up roots. Alice implies that she has thousands of years of experience.

The next day three children attempt to capture Gavia (calling her the "demon") She scares them with her nanotech, until stopped again by Ardent. Seeing that she can't stop the townsfolk from interacting with the siblings, Alice agrees to take them to town.

In town the locals are not pleased to see Gavia again, after the destruction she wrought earlier. In particular "Jeb" a tall strong young man is angry at Alice for bringing danger back, but Alice firmly puts him in his place with threats, and an offer to set him up with one of the local girls, Shelly Wilson. Ardent on the other hand is fascinated by the pitchfork one of the local farmers has, and Gavia awkwardly talks to Jeb's friend, Clem.

Then Alice takes the siblings to meet Amos, the town Elder. While Ardent chats to Amos, Alice explains to Gavia a little of how the world came to be. Gavia's version of history (that her ancestors made the Prasaes, and then left to live in space of their own desire) is contradicted by Amos ('We kicked them out for being jerks'). But Alice has a more detailed story.

Long ago humanity split into two factions: Biological Enhancement verses Artificial Intelligence. This led to war, with the AI faction winning. Then there was the "blink" In a moment the AI vanished along with the weapons of war, the biological faction was taken to live in space in a constellation of satellites, and a small remnant of humanity was left on Earth. And Alice was there.

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