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Chapter 1
Chapter 1
He made it! (Comic 8)
Start 1
End 35
Length 35 strips
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Chapter 1 of Alice Grove began with Comic 1 on September 25th 2014 and concluded with Comic 35 on January 29th 2015. It introduced the characters of Alice, Ardent, Jack and Gavia. It covered Ardent and Gavia's arrival, Gavia's initial conflict with Alice, and introduced their predicament of being trapped in the habitat.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

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  • Uncle John
  • Margaret Wheelwright
  • "Doc"


Chapter 1 begins by introducing Jack and Alice. Alice is first seen repairing a wind turbine when Jack arrives in a hurry to request her assistance at his Uncle's farm. At the farm, a blue boy with a tail is discovered unconscious next to a field. When poked with a stick the boy wakes up, then jumps in the air and shouts "I made it!". The boy introduces himself as "Ardent" and indicates that he is from space.

Alice takes Ardent to the town, where he points and exclaims at ordinary things such as children, fruit, hats and chickens (which he calls "weird dogs"). He also makes a none-too-subtle pass at the ladies. It is at this point that Alice informs him of the need to pay for things, with money.

Alice and Ardent have an argument during which Alice a shows considerable degree of confidence about what should or should not be 'possible'. Suddenly, Alice and Ardent are confronted by a large number of townsfolk who begin to thank Alice for the many good deeds she has carried out for the community. Additionally, a child asks if it is true 'you can make the sun go out'. After the townsfolk disperse, Ardent expresses a slightly surreal frustration that he isn't the centre of attention and further clues are dropped of Alice's uncanny authority in the community.

Alice is walking with Jack and Ardent when there are a series of explosions in the town. Alice runs back to defend the townspeople against what turns out to be a teenaged girl who is able to float and cause explosions. The girl, demands the return of Ardent, but Alice is able to leap to her level, break through her Nanotech defences and disable her. Alice is prevented from killing the girl by Ardent who claims it is his sister, who we later find is named Gavia.

The attack has done no serious damage to the town or the people, and Alice takes the injured Gavia back to to her house for questioning. Alice is suspicious of the siblings motivation in coming to her town. She had believed it was not only disallowed, but impossible. Ardent claims to have tricked his praeses. When Gavia tries to contact the praeses to ask to be returned, she is unable, and so the siblings seem to be marooned with Alice.

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