First Appearance Comic 102
Habitat Forest

Scientific classification
not all levels shown
 Kingdom Animalia
 Class Mammalia
 Family Unknown
 Species Unknown

The batsloth is a creature found within the habitat. It appears to be a direct combination of a bat and a sloth.

Description & Behaviour

The batsloth is a medium-sized mammal, about the size of a small dog. In a perched position, it is approximately twice the height of a human head. While its size is similar to a normal sloth, most of its other attributes are more similar to bats: its wings appear to have a membrane structure, its ears are pointed and concave, and its feet have sharp, curved talons suitable for perching on branches.

Alice describes them as "vicious", and capable of chewing a human's face off. She does not hesitate to kill them if necessary.

Appearances in the Comic

The batsloth first appeared in Comic 102, when Alice turned back from a conversation with Gavia to find that Ardent had made a new "friend".

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