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Alice's cottage, as see in Comic 27.

Alice's cottage, as see in Comic 27.

Alice's Cottage is a small structure in the habitat some distance from the town. It is the home of the comic's protagonist, Alice.

From Comic 36, it is also the home of the two alien Vicissitudes, who have been stranded in the habitat by some yet-to-be-revealed circumstance.

Appearance and Interior Edit

Despite the fact that Alice has knowledge and abilities beyond those of other local residents, it presents as a very simple structure. It has uneven stone walls, small wooden-framed glass-paned windows and a wooden-framed tiled roof. Towards the back is a metal chimney stack indicating the presence of a combustion-fuelled stove or furnace of some kind. Given that Comic 36 shows Ardent fetching chopped wood from a stockpile, it is likely to be a wood-burning device of some kind.

Based on a comparison with its residents, the cottage is approximately fifteen feet on a side and the clearing in which it is set is about three times larger.

Inside, Alice's cottage is very simple, with basic wooden furniture and a total lack of any obvious technology. This includes two wardrobes and high-level shelving, stacked with unidentified substances in glass jars. The interior walls are panelled in smooth wooden planks.

The cottage does not appear to have any modern amenities. In Comic 28, we can see a water jug, possibly used to hold water for washing.

In terms of aesthetic, the cottage has a strong 'function over form' aesthetic. Although neatly-kept with some personal touches like potted plants, there is very little decoration to the cottage, very much reflecting its' owner's businesslike demeanour.

In Comic 29 we can see a wooden staircase, indicating that another room exists above the cottage's main room. In Comic 39, this is revealed to be where Alice's bed is located (as well as the mattress that serves as Ardent's temporary bed). Comic 51 reveals that Gavia does not have a bed, preferring to use her Nanotech levitation to hover several feet over the floor.

Grounds Edit

The Cottage is set close to or inside a densely-growing forest. It sits in a small clearing with some small shrubs growing around the edges and up against the side of the main building. In Comic 36, Alice is seen inspecting a carnivorous flower, which she removes from the grounds and re-plants in a pot in Comic 37.

The stone well-head is to the right of the main building, seen from the front and the Outhouse is behind it. There is a stockpile of firewood on the right-front side of the clearing.

Residents Edit

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